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			Biomedical Research Enterprise

			The Whole of Biomedical Research
			The Biomedical Research Enterprise is
			the entire effort of biomedical research
			from preclinical basic research through
			clinical trials.

			Biomedical research seeks to develop
			therapeutic interventions to treat the
			spectrum of patient conditions that
			cost $8 trillion annually in healthcare
			spending. ¹

			The Miracle of Life

			Human understanding and ability to heal
			starts with researchers learning about the
			miracle of life.

			Scientific discoveries become treatments
			and help patients live happy, healthy lives.

			From illnesses with negative social impact,
			such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes
			and cancer, to rare diseases caused by
			poorly understood genetic mutations with
			no current effective treatment, hope exists
			in the possibilities of research.

			Science of Science

			The scientific effort to understand science
			itself is known as the Science of Science.

			This includes institutions, people, methods,
			policies and social impacts.

			The National Science Foundation (NSF),
			The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and
			the United States    share interest in the
			future of the science of science and the
			biomedical research enterprise.

A Science of Science Policy Approach to Analyzing
and Innovating the Biomedical Research Enterprise

        National Science Foundation   ·   National Institutes of Health
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