Controller · Developed by Interaction Design Research Group Software Engineering Research Group The OpenMed Controller For using OpenMed as a desktop application Launch a Controller ⇗ Launch a Controller with Utilities Only ⇗ The Controller is OpenMed as desktop application ¹ for clinical decision support ². FDA PDF AI/ML in Software as a Medical Device The Default Controller Get the Embed Code Get the Launch OpenMD Embed Example · Launch a Space Controller ⇗ Web browsers are awesome OpenMed uses web browsers on any computer to open secure desktop application windows. Try these keys on your keyboard now. Press 'F' launch OpenMed full width ⇗ or Press 'O' launch OpenMed ⇗ + Press 'M' launch Music ⇗ + Press 'C' launch a Controller ⇗ X + F and O + M + C are popular layouts Sleek and Powerful Or Snack Size Get the Embed Code Get the Launch OpenMD Embed Example · Launch a Water Controller with Utilities Only ⇗ Fully equipped for professionals OpenMed is designed for productivity and discovery with over 30 million content pages. For more on the OpenMed platform press S or B OpenMed · Water Get the Embed Code Get the Launch OpenMD The configuration above is embedded in this webpage for demonstration purposes only. Embed Example Launch OpenMed · Water ⇗ Get the Launch OpenMD to open this self-contained configuration in its own window. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through the creation of free public health applications accessible to anyone via the internet. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. OpenMed balancedcity.org/openmed For more on Balanced City visit balancedcity.org/launch Tweet Print