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		Environmental sciences are the interdisciplinary studies of context and process that support life
		on Earth... rock and soil, water and air, chemistry and physics, time and space, natural and made.
		The study of life requires the study of Earthly matter and dynamic systems.

		Our understanding of the Earth and the forces that shape it is still new. Humans may have known
		earthquakes existed for millennia, but a science of plate tectonics was only accepted in the 1950s.
		It is impossible to fully appreciate the science of our environment in our lifetimes, but that won't
		stop us from doing all that we can to know and protect this precious place we call home.

Environmental ScienceOur planet's vitality and diversity
Environmental Science Research Group
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			Ecumenical Patriarchate        Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew makes an official statement on the climate crisis.
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			University of Toronto        Dr. James Hansen on Human-Made Climate Change
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			Council on Foreign Relations        Displacement and Adaptation: The Impending Impact of Climate Change
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			Council on Foreign Relations        A Conversation With Jamie Dimon
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			277 Park Ave
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			The Economist        The deep ocean is the final frontier on planet Earth
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			60 Minutes        The legacy of the Flint water crisis        Guidelines for Water Donation Drives        Flint Registry
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			The Obama White House        President Obama Speaks to Community Members in Flint, MI
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			University of Toronto        Statistical Mechanics for Erosion and Earthquakes
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			Caltech        Clouds and the Climate Tipping Point
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			Oxford University Museum of Natural History        The Cambrian Explosion and the evolutionary origin of animals with Professor Paul Smith
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			Earth-Life Science Institute        Hadean Bioscience        The Whole History of the Earth and Life
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			NIH.life/videos        A Chat with Kate Rubins on the ISS
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			NASA.gov        Magnetism - Defending Our Planet, Defining The Cosmos
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			NASA.gov        Star V1        Hubble Views the Star that Changed the Universe
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			Physicist Michael        Cosmic Distance Ladder: Cepheid Variables
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			ESAHubble.org        Hubblecast 116: Henrietta Leavitt — ahead of her time
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			Balanced City        1908 Leavitt Variables in the Magellanic Clouds
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			Balanced City        1912 Leavitt Harvard College Observatory
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			American Museum of Natural History        Hacking the Stars with Hakeem Oluseyi – AMNH SciCafe
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			Supercomputing.life        Gravity Test
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			Balanced City        Superstability
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