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GraphML at the bottom right corner of any page inOpenMed². This is some sample data for GraphML to read Fibrin/Prothrombinguided***** COVID-19clinical treatment with atriple combination of ·Interferon Beta-1b ·Lopinavir and Ritonavir ·Ribavirin how it works How does it work? Balanced Citycreates a graph known as aMedical Ontology³ by reading published research and databases.NIH. GraphML uses this ontology to make a recommended list ofconcepts,genes,journals and clinical trialsponsors. more on COVID Can I learn more Learn about the coronavirus about COVID-19? and the science developed to overcome COVID-19... Genomic characterization... PROS1ACE2Safety and Immunogenicity... Viral genome from first known infection in China Viral genome from first known infection in California DexamethasonePotential Treatment Options... TocilizumabRemdesivirCommentary... MATH+ protocol for the treatment... GraphML · Learning Research Group what this site is What is this site? Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through the creation of free public health applications accessible to anyone via the internet. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. OpenMed balancedcity.org/openmed For more on Balanced City visit balancedcity.org/launch