Current Total: $154.32 Goal: $21,000 Secure processing byAuthorize.Net, a VISA solution The Heal Fund 2021 Campaign is raising money to build five supercomputers, each specializing in a core dataset. Start Date: January 2021 @HealFund

Conquering Big Data with High Performance Computing
The individual computers shown above cost $25 and $55 each. Several thousand will be used to build 5 supercomputers for the Learning Health Systems at Balanced City.

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supercomputing.life/what-is-exascale-computing About Balanced City Balanced City is a crowdsourced biomedical research incubator operating a general-purpose supercomputing platform composed of many individual low-cost computers shown above. The Learning Health Systems run on this computing architecture, processing millions of published research articles, clinical trials, scientific records and medical databases. Medical professionals, scientists and users around the world request this information via OpenMD, the public interface of free medical science utilities and applications. Global User Activity Report Learning Health Systems Global Activity balancedcity.org/global-activity Crowdfunding for Open Medical Science Balanced City provides these health systems for free thanks to users making small donations, $1, $4, $10 or whatever is the right amount. This phase of funding will build Supercomputer A, the first of 5 specialized supercomputers, each focusing on a core medical dataset. Supercomputer A is learning on the MedGen dataset of medical and genetic concepts. The information it produces is available through the MedGen search utility. The Final Product The MedGen search utility is online at ncbi.life/medgen Continuous Learning Supercomputer A will operate continuously, learning medical concepts and relationships between concepts from all available medical literature. The information created by Supercomputer A will be available to all users of OpenMD.life and enable the creation of new medical discovery applications like GraphML. The Data Source The MedGen database is provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, the primary agency of the United States Government responsible for biomedical and public health research. Make a donation and support this work. Champion life. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through the creation of free public health applications accessible to anyone via the internet. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. This page balancedcity.org/heal-fund OpenMD openmd.life For more on Balanced City visit balancedcity.org/tour Print