Research  ·  Health and Medicine

		This group collaborates with Learning, Language Processing and User Experience to create tools
		that serve the needs of physicians and clinical professionals.

		Research focuses on modeling the needs of healthcare staff and developing automated learning
		applications. Programs like AutoML.life serve professionals by discovering new literature, reducing
		time spent searching, and increasing time engaged with the information that matters most.

		These programs keep doctors, nurses and technical staff stay on top of the expanding universe
		of medical knowledge, providing a prioritized list of findings tailored by medical specialization.


Health and MedicineHealing and preserving life
Health and Medicine Research Group
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			Google Health        Tools to help healthcare providers deliver better care
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			Google Health        Helping clinicians deliver more proactive care with Care Studio
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			Google Health        Our Team
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			Google Health        For Clinicians
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			Google Health        Health Research
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			Alliance for Health Policy        Medicare Part D Basics and Policy Options for Redesign
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			American Academy of Sleep Medicine        AASM.org        Careers in Sleep Medicine
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			Stanford Research Talks        Anastasios Angelopoulos
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			Stanford Research Talks        Jonathan Dotan        Restoring Trust in our Digital Age with Compression
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			Stanford Medicine        Stanford School of Medicine Commencement 2021
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			Johns Hopkins University Welch Medical Library        PubMed: Identifying Search Terms
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			Johns Hopkins University Welch Medical Library
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			JAMA Network        Coronavirus Variants and Vaccines        JAMA
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			JAMA Network        Treating High Blood Pressure With a Fixed-Dose Combination Pill in Sri Lanka
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			Peter Attia MD        Sarah Hallberg, D.O., M.S.        Virta Health
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			PubMed	Data Brief

			PubMed	Database (Oxford)

			PubMed	Technology and Health Care

			PubMed	Health Information Management Journal

			PubMed	Science of the Total Environment

			PubMed	IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

			PubMed	IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering