Learning Health Systems
Hi, I'm Ben. Welcome to Balanced City, an incubator for biomedical research and development. Employing the best in modern infrastructure including supercomputing, machine learning and data science, Balanced City launches health technology that drives human progress forward. Our mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through the creation of free public health applications accessible to anyone via the internet.
The Learning Health Systems are Balanced City's crowdfunded health platform. These systems promote evidence based medicine, process health databases, perform feature learning and serve millions of requests from around the world. The core system architecture is the standard model. · Interface Layer — Public Internet Applications · Software Layer — Machine Learning Programs · Hardware Layer — The Supercomputing Grid
User Activity · Previous Day | Week | Month | Year On the previous day 25,903 requests were made from USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Canada, Italy, USA Government, India, Finland, British Indian Ocean Territory, Samoa, Netherlands, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia…
Learning Health Systems In Development Q3 - Q4 2020 Impact Shares ⇗ · MedGPS Electronic Health Records · SmartEHR Supercomputer B · Supercomputer C Supercomputer D · Supercomputer E Product Launch June 2020 OpenMedOS · Medical Ontology Heal Fund ⇗ · Supercomputer A Code Update April 2020 Feature Learning · MedGen Concepts Product Launch January 2020 Topological Data Analysis · PubMed Product Launch October 2019 Speech · Utilities Mobile ⇗ · Embed ⇗ balancedcity.org ⇗ · User Activity Reporting Product Launch April 2019 Video Content Management System ⇗ Supercomputing Grid Product Launch October 2018 Donation System Continuous Deployment Product Launch August 2018 MedGen BioProject Product Launch May 2018 PubMed Entity Recognition Product Launch March 2018 Clinical Trial Sponsors Product Launch January 2018 Genes Chromosomes Genome Sequencing ⇗ Learning Health Systems
Your donations fund the Learning Health Systems, used by healthcare professionals around the world. Make a donation and help grow this free and secure public health platform for all.
United States Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project ⇗ Software Technology Capability Assessment Report ⇗ Aurora, The Nations First Exascale Computing System ⇗ What is Exascale? ⇗ · The Exascale Computing Project ⇗ Spack Package Manager for Supercomputing ⇗ · Spack ⇗ Conquering Big Data with High Performance Computing ⇗ National Laboratory Supercomputer Oak Ridge ⇗ Frontier ⇗ Summit ⇗ Argonne ⇗ Aurora ⇗ Theta ⇗ Livermore ⇗ El Capitan ⇗ Sierra ⇗
May these utilities help you to heal and preserve life.