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			Macroprudential Tools

			Systemic Analysis and Stability
			As technology continues to evolve and
			take on a greater significance in society,
			it is important to have appropriate tools
			that can be used to determine systemic
			conditions and maintain stability.

			Macroprudential tools give policymakers
			and institutional directors instruments to
			ensure social and systemic wellbeing.

			Learning Health Systems

			Balanced City operates a health platform,
			the Learning Health Systems. ¹

			Grounded in evidence based medicine ²
			the Learning Health Systems provision
			users with total information awareness ³
			of the biomedical research enterprise. 

			From the highest level summary analysis 
			to the level of the individual trial sponsors
			and medical journals that publish findings,
			to the level of medical concepts, samples,
			cells, proteins, genes and pharmaceutical
			molecules... the Learning Health Systems
			support decision making in research and

The Value of Digital Platforms Collaborative digital platforms equipped with effective machine learning software and high-value datasets are stimulating discovery and creation of knowledge. This knowledge allows policymakers to assess social activity in dynamic systems while anticipating potential opportunities. Monitoring and Analysis Continuous monitoring and analysis creates up-to-date situational awareness of dynamic systems. Forecasting Anticipating future demand based on historic analysis and current situational awareness helps to plan for what's ahead. Stability Peak activity and unpredicted fluctuations can negatively impact system performance. Developing redundant stability measures and preparing for the unexpected can produce system superstability. The Future Balanced City will continue development of these new medical information systems and the free public client applications that are openly sharing medical data, such as Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and the OpenMD.ai platform. ¹⁰ Moreover, Balanced City will continue to organize Research Groups and convene subject domain experts to advise on the development of innovative applications for the benefit of society. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through free public health applications. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. This page BalancedCity.org/macroprudential-tools For more on Balanced City visit BalancedCity.org