Research  ·  Medical Ontologies

		This group is focused on the development of Medical Ontologies for use in healthcare and research.

		Named from the Greek word ὄντος (ontos: being or existence) a Medical Ontology is a structured
		knowledge graph of medical concepts, genes, journals, clinical trial sponsors and other entity types
		that exist in the domain of medicine.

		In partnership with Learning, this team supports machine learning applications including AutoML.life

Medical OntologiesThe knowledge graph of medicine
Medical Ontologies Research Group
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			PubMed	Database (Oxford)

			PubMed	Technology and Health Care

			PubMed	Health Information Management Journal

			PubMed	Science of the Total Environment

			PubMed	IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

			PubMed	IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering