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			Postsecondary Education

			Going to College
			Technology is changing college education
			in a process similar to the music industry
			during the 1990s and 2000s.

			Before the Technology Revolution
			a small number of gatekeepers control
			access with terms that are...
			·  rigid and inflexible
			·  exploitative of the vulnerable
			·  expensive or require financing
			·  high stress with low satisfaction

			After the Technology Revolution
			a large number of service providers
			offer resources that are...
			·  personalized and flexible
			·  empowering individual choice
			·  inexpensive and easily affordable
			·  low stress with high satisfaction

The Bottom Line It's All About Money Student Loans Owned and Securitized ⇗ launch ⇗
Let a New System Begin A Path to a Better Life Education is about more than money. It is knowledge about health, science, math, technology, the arts, language, history, law, society and community. For millions of people in America and billions of people all around the world education is the path to a better life. Fulfilling requirements with online video and examination improves educational opportunity and attainment. Degree Programs Degree programs must meet established standards and require that students fulfill required credit hours. 'Credit Hours' or 'Units' Credit hours refers to hours spent in a class in one week of a 10 week quarter. Schools usually call them units. Multiplying credit hours by 10 gives the total hours a student spends in class during a 10 week quarter. Calculating Credit Hours A class meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 1 hour is 3 credit hours. 3 meetings per week x 1 hour = 3 credit hours A class meeting on Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 hours is 5 credit hours. 2 meetings per week x 2.5 hours = 5 credit hours A degree may require 125.5 credit hours or 1255 total hours in class. Multiple Degrees Once requirements are met for the first undergraduate degree, earning another undergraduate degree requires about 60 additional credit hours. In traditional environments this is known as a double-major or dual degree. Self motivated learners will acquire ten or more degrees for near zero financial cost. Macroprudential Tools As technology continues to evolve and take on a greater significance in society, it is important to have appropriate tools that can be used to determine systemic conditions and maintain stability. Macroprudential tools give policymakers and institutional directors instruments to ensure social and systemic wellbeing. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through free public health applications. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. This page BalancedCity.org/online-education For more on Balanced City visit BalancedCity.org